Rodents, such as house mice, can increase their number rapidly. This is particularly true during the hot summer season. This is because of bountiful naturally occurring food and water sources. A large enough food supply causes rodents to explore their surroundings more aggressively. The summer season is the primary time for mice breeding. During this time we should take action with some natural mice repellent methods. We can use natural pest control techniques to repel mice from our home, office, or any corner of our life.

Harmful Effects of Mice

There are many harmful effects caused by mice being in your home. Rodents, especially house mice will surround your home on all sides. They use wall holes, pipes and wires, ventilators, doors and windows cracks in search of their next meal. House mice can spoil food in your home and damage your crops. They can also spread dangerous bacteria, including salmonella, by simply crawling on counter tops and food preparation areas.

Regularly practicing proper sanitation techniques can help in successfully keeping mice out of your home. It’s important to clean your kitchen regularly and use food covers. This will force the mice in your home to look elsewhere for their food.

Natural Mice Repellent Techniques

Want some useful tips to get rid of rodents in your home? Here are a few no-chemical natural mice repellent techniques:

  • Seal cracks and holes in your home to stop rodents entering
  • Cut your grass regularly and trim shrubs and trees that are close to your home
  • Replace windows and doors that have cracks and holes in
  • Use humane traps to capture rodents
  • Remove exposed food from your kitchen
  • Use peppermint or peppermint oil
  • Use mint toothpaste
  • Use food covers and use containers to keep corn and dry food like biscuits protected
  • Clean your home regularly and keep some onion in your kitchen

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