Termite Pest Control

Termite is easily the most damaging insect in the world. No wooden surface is safe from their wrath. A termite infestation can finish a jungle within mere months. Termites are not directly dangerous to humans, or carriers of disease. But termites can easily destroy your valuable wooden furniture, doors, windows, door frames, books, valuable documents, Clothes, and other valuable possessions.
Termites like to inhabit damp and dusty surfaces. Termite colonies have a queen, much like ants. In fact, termites are occasionally referred to as white ants. A termite queen can be from half-an-inch to a full inch long.

Termite Pest Control

It is important that termite treatment is carried out pre-construction. Pre-construction termite control is the most effective way to stop termite infestations before they happen.

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment:

SM Pest provides a 20 year guarantee on pre-construction termite treatment. When a new construction has completed the base and plinth level, then we perform pre-construction termite treatment, before the floor goes in.

Treatment Processes:

  • Trench and treat soil around external concrete slab edge.
  • Trench and treat soil around walls and peelers in the sub floor area.
  • Treatment of the soil along/around the external perimeter
  • Dig the floor away (or drill the concrete floor) along expansion joints and cracks, and treat the exposed soil
  • Dig around the pipes and treat soil under
  • Dig patio areas and treat soil area there, as it’s a high risk nest location

Household Termite Treatment:

SM Pest provides a 5 year guarantee on household termite treatment. Our anti-termite team will find infested areas and then they will treat the termite infestation as per our process.

Termite Pest Control Methods:

  • Perimeter Digging Treatment
  • Perimeter Drilling Treatment
  • General Pesticides Spraying
  • Aluminum Phosphide Treatment